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Our Event Spaces

Beautiful Spaces

We're overjoyed to share our space with the community of Anderson. We take pride in the presentation of our space, as we took time planning and preparing the venues for you and your guests. We hope that more than just your next party, it meets the needs of the community in the ways it deserves.

The Gathering Place


InerG Lobby



Stress-free Event Planning

Not only do we provide the tables and chairs, but we also have large Smart TVs that are cast-able from your computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.), Phone, or Tablet. In the event you need to cast a slideshow or presentation to our 65"+ screens, you'll have the ability to do so, with no worries. Need a mic and speakers for your karaoke night? No worries, we've got that too. 

Premium Amenities

The last thing you need while planning an event is the stress of figuring out which caterer to use, which decorator to go with, or if you'll have furniture in the venue. Rest assured, we have a collection of caterers, event planners, interior decorators, and plenty of tables and chairs for you to fully enjoy your event. Stress-free.

Affordable Rates

We've provided our space knowing that our community has needs. Whether thats financially, physically, or mentally, we've thought of you first. This is why our hourly event rates are subsidized. We want you to still have the opportunity to enjoy our space without breaking the bank.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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